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Limestone slab engraved with image of an aurochs, or extinct wild cow, discovered at Abri Blanchard, France, in 2012. Photo: Musée national de Préhistoire collections - photo MNP - Ph. Jugie

38,000-Year-Old Cave Art Found On Limestone Slab In French Cave Sheds Light On Early Human Life

An international team of anthropologists has uncovered a 38,000-year-old...

(Photo courtesy San Francisco Arts Commission)

Lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year, immigrant experience

Six large bamboo lanterns were lit Monday in San Francisco’s Civic Center...



Why Van Gogh cut his ear ?

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most famous and influential artist in the history of art of the world. Not only his...

Oil paintings



Interview with Karina Eibatova

Love what you draw Breathe, the universe will take care of the rest. Karina’s...



The worlds we create in our heads Greg is a master storyteller. His paintings are...


Some classic paintings with humors & irreverence


I was walking on a path with two friends, the sun was setting, suddenly the sky turned blood red. I paused, feeling exhausted and leaning on the fence, I saw...

Good night

Goodnight Kiss

In this episode we are posting an acrylic painting by James...

Priyanka Shribastawa

Priyanka Srivastava’s colorful landscape

This is a painting of a beginner artist Priyanka Srivastava....

'Him' Maurizio Cattelan is on display during the press preview of 'Bound to Fail' at Christie's auction house in New York. (AP /Mary Altaffer)

Hitler sculpture brings $17.2 million at US auction

Controversial artwork ‘Him’ by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan...


Sonakshi Sinha auctions her Painting for a charity

We have been informed that one of the top actress of Bollywood...