The Art Web Magazine celebrates the art. It covers the exhibitions, events and the creative acts and the artists as well by publishing their views and showcasing their artworks.

There are thousands of social network groups, pages, publications and magazines about art. Art Web Magazine is one of them, nothing more. It promotes art, publishes art news, events, artworks and opinions. You can find posts related on painting, drawing, sculpting, design, photography, architecure etc.on this site.

We are a small group of artists and art lovers who love to share inspirations, ideas, informations regarding visual arts. We try to serve as an essential link for artists to art instructors, art contest and competition organizers, publishers, enthusiasts, patrons, collectors, and more.

Art Web Magazine’s key mission is to inform the art loving community about the events, to express our passion for painting and drawing, to keep art loving people well-connected & to support artist and promote art in every possible way.