Russian performance artist arrested for rape

MOSCOW (AP) — Again the controversial Russian performance artist is being investigated for rape accusations against him in France.

last year Pyotr Pavlensky faced two trials in Russia on vandalism charges for stunts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One case was, he set fire to the entryways of the central command of the Russian security organization FSB, in Moscow, in what he said was a political art performance.
artist pavelensky
Pavlensky revealed to Ukraine’s Hromadske TV on Monday that he and his better half were kept at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airplane terminal and told he was confronting rape charges. Pavlensky said he was captured, yet a few companions of the on-screen character have voiced support for his wife. Pavlensky added he and his family are looking for political asylum in France.

Pavlensky was being investigated for a possible sex crime, a Moscow representative for the Investigative Committee affirmed to Tass.

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