Botswana: Kuru Artists Exhibit in Taiwan

By Ketshepile More
D’Kar — Four renowned Kuru Art artists recently exhibited their paintings and artworks in Taiwan.

The quartet are Xhoma Simon, Boitumelo Thamae, Xaga Xaixau and Kaashe Thamae

In an interview, an art curator at Kuru Arts, Maude Brown Jr, organised the exhibition. She said she was inspired by the similarities of indigenous people in Taiwan as well as the San in D’Kar.

Currently a Master’s degree student under cultural and creative industries programme, Maude said upon seeing the beautiful nature in Taiwan, she was reminded of D’kar where she grew up.

“That’s when the idea of an exhibition came to mind; although it was a small intimate showcase I managed to get four of Kuru Art artists’ works and exhibited them in Taiwan,” she said.

Maude said she hoped the exhibition open relationships between the San in Botswana especially in D’kar and the indigenous people in Taiwan.

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