First International Watercolour Exhibition in Hungary

IWS HUNGARYIWS Hungary is glad to announce the First International Watercolour Exhibition – Stephanie Palace Exhibition Hall, Budapest – Hungary

Exhibition is open between 9 – 25 September

Opening weekend and official program days 9-11 September

IWS Hungary is calling interest of IWS member organisations to participate on the First Budapest International Watercolour Exhibition “Freedom of Self Expression”

IWS Hungary organisers believe in equal opportunity for various visions and different artistic self expressions, therefore we do not organise competition, rather organise a “Watercolour Festival” that intent to introduce and promote the most important values of our watercolour art, free self expression, originality, imparity and colourfulness… During the Festival we are also going to support and promote guided group visits and sessions for various age and interest groups…and after, organised country wide touring exhibitions in public and high schools for supporting teaching projects and promoting watercolour art.

IWS Hungary organisers waive the right to decide what is quality and what is not rather accept the fact of imparity in educations, living standards, circumstances, visions, prioritization and talents by accepting artistic freedom for purity and individual vision, applying various skills, techniques, detailing, and colour schemes by giving equal opportunity to highly skilled professional artists and talented learning amateurs.

We therefore would not going to introduce winners and award prizes rather will issue a Honourable Mention Certificate to all participating artists for proving their uniqueness and highly accepted artistic vision..

Three special awards however and some sponsored art materials will be issued to the artists whose pictures are voted during the exhibition for the title of “Visitors Favourites”

Moving forward to provide better opportunities and optimisation, we are introducing cost saving options for less fortunate and far away IWS countries where the postage and handling are more complicated and costly than within European Union Countries.

We were negotiated with a high tech printing house for producing Giclée reproduction of the exhibited art materials printed on Canson aquarelle paper, all in same size of 400 x 500 mm for saving preparation time for organisers handling and mailing costs for participating artists. Exhibited pictures will be framed in 400 x 500 mm “flip glass” frame without paspartu.

The venue space (Stefanie Palace Gallery) is located in the prestigious embassy quarter of Budapest has capacity to exhibit approximately 180-200 (400 x 500 mm) pictures. Since our major intention is to organise a very colourful exhibition, giving equal opportunity and host as many IWS branches as many want to introduce watercolour art of their countries, we ask IWS heads to collect the name of all interesting applicants who will then be engaged in a raffle by country (at the present of a local attorney) for winning one of the 5 exhibitor’s place for representing their country. Naturally if one IWS country has less than five or five names they would be in the selected list without raffle. Otherwise the lucky winners will then be informed on the IWS Hungary FB pages and requested to fallow the below detailed rules. (…more space will then be available if any country would not use the maximum of five allocated spaces)

Guidelines for participation:

The exhibition is open to all IWS member artists working in water media

No collage, pastels, class work, digital images, any form of print or reproductions.
Artist’s original work only, no copies or likenesses of another artist’s work …

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Conditions for entries:
Theme: Unrestricted
Medium: Any traditional (schools, style and techniques) watercolor work done on paper, must be original and completed within last 3 years

Indicating interest:
IWS members should contact appropriate country heads/representatives for indicating interest who collect and send names and contact e-mails till end of May.

Selection process will take place on 1st of June. List of artists representing their countries announced on IWS Hungary FB site and informed by email about the further details.


Participating artists should email the below listed until end of June to iws.hungarian.branch@gmail.com

Select one of the best-favorite picture (as described above)

Picture must be suitable for 400 x 500 mm reproduction

Size of image should be between 3MB – 5MB, resolution of 300 dpi

Naming of the image should be in the format of : Last name_First name_Title_Country.jpg


The Organizers have the right to produce one Giclée reproduction and other exhibition publications (printed or on-line catalogue) display, photograph and make a video recording of the participating art works for promotional purposes. By participating in this event the artist accepts all points of this Call of Entry.

Authorization forms and additional details will be available to selected artists.

At the end of the exhibition: Giclée reproductions will after the exhibition remaining at the disposal of IWS Hungary, to be used for similar future exhibitions, supporting teaching projects or for activities that will help promote watercolor painting in general or for charitable donation by incurred demand.

Organization Contribution Fee:
Accepted artists participating in the exhibition is bound to an organization contribution fee of 50 Euro before submission close, which must be send via bank transfer or PayPal…

Catalogue and Certificate will be awarded to all participating artist.

“Visitors Favorites” and other prizes will be announced after exhibition closure, prizes mailed to winners.

Detailed Opening Weekend Programs including – demos, presentations, plain air sessions and joint “Budapest – Heroes’ Square 360′ panorama painting” will later be announced on our Face Book pages. (http://skyviewair.com/index.php/hu/galeria/panorama – select “Hősök tere”)

Participation and accommodation:
Artists who are interested to join opening 3 days weekend programs will be assisted on exhibition nearby hotel list alternatives.

Please notify interest: on participation, and plein air sessions, on eating habits: vegetarian, no beef, no pork, fish or only poultry.

Indicate intentions of own accommodation selection and booking, or need assistance version. (iws.hungarian.branch@gmail.com)

Combined Event Deadlines:

Submission Entry : 31 May 2016
Selection: 1 June 2016

Participation artist list: 3 June 2016

Mailing artwork and application form: 30 June 2016
Payment: 30 June 2016

Draft Event Highlights:
Opening weekend registration: Friday 9 September 10.00 am to 05.00 pm,

Stefanie Palace, Budapest, Stefánia st. 1146

Local presentations: Friday 9 September from 10.00 am to 05.00 pm

Opening ceremony: Friday 9 September 06.00 pm

Plein air sessions : Saturday 10 September 10.00 am to 03.00 pm

Exhibition Gala Dinner: Saturday 10 September (time will later be announced)

Joint Budapest Heroes Square 360′ panorama picture painting: Sunday 11 September 10.00 am

Panorama picture presentation and shoot reasoning on Heroes Square: Sunday 11 September app. 13.00 pm

Local presentations: Sunday 11 September from 10.00 am