Frida Kahlo exhibition and surrealist women arrives in Rio

One of the most visited exhibitions in Sao Paulo last year, “Frida Kahlo: connections between Mexican surrealist women” comes to Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, 30 January, in a partnership with Caixa Cultural Tomie Ohtake Institute. The conference, which brings together paintings, sculptures and photographs – as well as clothing, accessories, documents, photographic records, catalogs and reports – occupies the entire exhibition space on the second floor of the cultural center.

The show features 30 works of Frida Kahlo (20 oils on canvas and ten on paper, including drawings, collages and lithographs) and about 100 other works of 14 artists, mostly women born or rooted in Mexico. powerful production authors are present as María Izquierdo, Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, Rosa Rolanda, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Lucienne Bloch, Alice Rahon, Kati Horna, Bridget Tichenor, Jacqueline Lamba, Bonn Mandiargues, Cordelia Urueta, Olga Costa and Sylvia Fein .

Throughout her life, Frida Kahlo (1907- 1954) painted only 143 screens. Among his paintings on display, six are self-portraits, and still two more it also appears, as in “El abrazo de amor del Universo, la land (Mexico). Other screens are “Diego, yo y el Señor Xóloti” (1933), and “Diego mi Pensamiento” (1943), as well as lithography, “Frida y el abortion” (1932). Artist Images are also still present in the photographs Nickolas Muray, Bernard Silberstein, Hector Garcia, Martin Munkácsi, and lithography “Nu (Frida Kahlo)” (1930), Diego Rivera.

Paulo Miyada, curator of the Tomie Ohtake Institute, explains that the show allows confront a challenging face of surrealism, where “the intensity, drama and subjectivity of the works of these artists make this disturbing set up for those more familiar with the movement, which originally emerged in France in the 1920s, with the largest predicate trying to escape from the realism of the empire and rationality, waving to the unconscious, chance and dream. ”

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“In the production of artists connected to Surrealism that passed through Mexico, the topics already included in surrealism discussion multiply and go beyond many borders, which is reflected in poignant and unforgettable images by their colors and imposing features, by elements of the Mexican native culture by the confrontational gestures and contempt for any convention that is good traditional bourgeois taste, “he adds.

It integrates the collective a show of films, dedicated to artists Alice Rahon, Rara Avis, Jacqueline Lamba, Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo, and Frida Kahlo.