Google Art Camera Digitizes Masterpieces in Ultra-High Resolution

google camera
Google has announced about a special device used for the digitization of works of art for the “culture of the Academy.” Art Camera is specifically designed for shooting pictures in the museums in the ultra-high resolution.

Even the most prized artworks of the world are subject to deterioration over time, but Google’s newly developed Art Camera can help to preserve their integrity in digital form. A tool used for archiving prints and paintings, the camera – created by the Google Cultural Institute – shoots in ultra-high resolution.

The robotic camera automatically moves the lens from fragment to fragment, making hundreds of detailed images. The camera is equipped with sonar, measuring the distance to the laser pattern and to focus on the subject. After the end of shooting, the camera automatically collects all captured images into one big picture.

On the Google Cultural Institute website published the first thousand gigapixel images of masterpieces of world art. In addition to paintings by Pissarro, Signac, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Monet, on the site you can see the ancient Russian icons from the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton and Russian art from the Museum Hillwood in Washington

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