Ibram promotes exchange with the Ecole du Louvre

The Ibram / Minc (Brazilian Institute of Museums), in partnership with the Ecole du Louvre, launched over a Selection Notice edition intended to grant three academic exchange grants in France for Brazilian students in the field of museology.
L'entrée de l'Ecole du Louvre
The Academic Exchange Ibram-School of the Louvre will happen during the period from 29 August to 26 November 2016 in Paris, with two weeks of training at the International Seminar of Museology Summer (SIEM) and up to two months in French museums .

three Brazilian students will be selected for masters or doctorate courses in the areas of Museology, Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology and Ethnology, and other areas of Humanities, Social Sciences and multidisciplinary courses with projects linked to the museum area. One of the vacancies will be dedicated to competition between servers Ibram and the other to the general public.

ecole-du-louvre-500x352Successful applicants will receive assistance for a maximum period of ninety days of stay in France, which will include tuition for the three months exchange, installation aid, health insurance and help offset or airfare to and back in economy class for the stretch Brazil-France-Brazil.

The values ​​of the scholarships will be based on Ordinance No. 174 of CAPES, of December 6, 2012, in the training mode. The vacancy aimed at Ibram server will follow the federal law on the country clearances, can the selected server opt for the removal of the country on a charge or without charge.

The Ibram receive entries via mail, which must include all required documentation, from January 25 to March 21 this year. For more information, see the full text of the announcement on the link  HERE … or send e-mail to Asint.selecao@museus.gov.br

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