Interview with Karina Eibatova

Love what you draw
Breathe, the universe will take care of the rest.


Karina’s work is like a love letter to the inanimate objects that she draws. Her attention to detail is captivating and her use of color is subtle and effective. I love the way she combines physical objects and otherworldly textures and themes. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about your background.

I was born at the end of USSR, in Leningrad ( now St.Petersburg, Russia ). My childhood was rather rough, by the age of 13 I was already surrounded by “sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.” St. Petersburg is the most beautiful city in Russia, but it is the most melancholic city in the world, so my love of drawing was kind of the escape from the sad world I lived in.

Despite my unstable income and my Russian passport I travel a lot: I’ve been moving from one city to another: When I was 19, I studied Fine Art on the northern cost of Sweden. I then moved to Moscow, and later I studied in Vienna at the Academy of Fine Arts. I’m now living in London. Traveling is my passion, I think it is very important to understand how big and varied this world is.

How did you get into illustration?

I started to draw when I was a kid, like everybody, but the trick is that I never quit. I love drawing, but I also feel very excited while making videos, especially videoclips. My most famous video art was filmed in 2010 and it became a videoclip for Washed Out, I am still kind of proud of it. I am really looking forward to work with musicians, either to draw a CD cover / concert poster or to make a videoclip.

What is your favorite thing to draw? Why?

My inspiration is nature, as you can probably see by looking at my portfolio.  I draw only organic stuff, nothing that is made by humans. If you google “Karina nature” you will find my work. And I don’t draw people. It was kind of taboo for many years, but I’m starting to think I might change my mind.


What are your favorite materials to work with?

My main tools are just a simple pencil or a big set of watercolors. There is a Russian watercolor brand which is very good, called “White Nights”. There are real white nights in St.Petersburg from May to the end of June.

Describe your creative process – how do you come up with an idea for a new piece?

I think it starts with love… Love for the object I want to draw. Later, I put a meaning into the work, but mostly the drawing tells me something afterwords and then I get the meaning and understanding of it. I am very a intuitive person, and so is my art.

Can you tell us about a piece / project that you worked on recently that you’re particularly proud / fond of.

I guess not. I have trouble finding my recent projects outstanding. But there is a new series of minerals which people really like, you can check out more in my print store.

Where do you see yourself in a year? in five years?

To be honest, I am very popular online and I cannot say that I am proud of it. I have about 900 000 views on behance, but each new “like” doesn’t make me happier or  richer. I would like to go outside of the internet and to find an inspiring environment, to have a good gallery, to see people creating amazing stuff. I don’t see myself in a certain place yet, I am still looking for a place I can call home…  Recently I’ve moved to London, very interesting place, but I am already dreaming about the ocean and the sun…


He is a creative coder living in Brooklyn. He keep himself busy pushing pixels at B-Reel, building interactive data visualizations and curating WAVA.