Never give up

Mark E Shellshear
Mark Shelshear

Mark Shellshear

That if I could promise you Artistic success, but it will take some time to achieve it.
How long would you be prepared to work hard at your Art, until the success comes?
One year?
Five years?
Thirty years?
Until the last year of your life?

Would you pay that price for success and recognition?
How determined are you?
How convinced of your own ability to succeed in the Arts are you?

I know a wonderful Artist who is 79 years old, paints every day of his life and has not achieved Artistic success. He has survived because of one collector who has bought all his work which has allowed him to continue to paint and go on.
Asked about his life he says he will never stop painting it is his passion.
He has been a full time Artist since Art School in the 1960’s.
How long are you prepared to work at your craft before you achieve the Artistic success that you desire?

This is not a sprint race but a marathon, it will take determination, persistence and a belief in yourself that can see through the heartbreak and disappointment to the prize before you.
Great Artists never give up.
Never stop creating.
Have a self belief that can scale any obstacle that is placed in front of them.
Work hard even when there are no sales.
Believe in their gift even when no one is interested.

never give up
To be great at Art or anything is a lonely walk because you have to go and be a trail blazer not follow someone else’s trail.
You have to be the one to make a trail.

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Never give up on yourself or your Art.
It is a gift and you have to develop it, love it, cherish it and be jealous of it no matter how long it takes to achieve success.
The gift makes way for itself.

How long are you prepared to work hard for, to achieve Artistic success?
One year or ………..as long it takes……. 50 years?