Think about solutions

Mark Shellshear

Think about solutions.
Problems are to be solved.
Lessons are to be learned.

We all face problems, they are part of life, it is not personal and everyone has them, the rich and the poor.
Artists and non Artists, it is just life.
Its what we do with each problem we face that really counts.
We can look for a solution to the problem or we can be overwhelmed by the problem.
Think about solutions, not the overwhelming problem.
We can always find a solution to the problem.

We may get an answer immediately and the problem is sorted.
We may be faced with a major crisis that we will have to ride out, as the solution is patience.
Also always look for the good that can come out of every problem, the solution might be we needed to learn a particular lesson, so we would not pass that way again.

Being over whelmed with a problem is not a solution it will just makes the problem worse.
Artists, you are problem solvers in your every day art practice.
Artists, you are very creative people who apply their creativity to each problem they face in their art practice.
Artist use that same creative problem solving attitude to every area of your life.
When you walk out of the studio you do not stop being a highly creative Artist.
So apply that same positive creativity to problem solving in your every day life and you will be surprised at the outcomes.

Think about solutions.
Problems are to be solved.
Lessons are to be learned.

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Apply your creativity to your problems and you will be positively surprised at your ability to solve problems.
Like you do with your Art, think out side the box, that’s what Artists do.