UN climate change summit held in Paris, eight art projects involved



21th UN Climate Change Summit (COP21) to be held in Paris November 30 to December 11, politicians and environmentalists undoubtedly lead reports, a symbol of the parade could not be placed on the Place de la Republique 20,000 pairs of shoes also appeared in a number of news being. Artists are worried about the global climate is also not absent. Olafur Eliasson (Olafur Eliasson), Yoko Ono, the British artist Kangneiliya Parker (Cornelia Parker) and Gavin Turk (Gavin Turk), etc., in a note to “United Nations Climate Change framework Convention “Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres (Christiana Figueres) and the French Minister for Foreign Affairs of France, Paris summit on climate change main席洛朗· Fabius (Laurent Fabius) open letter signature. The open letter advocating “on climate issues more ambitious action commitment” and said it would their “creativity and cultural cooperation to help find and resolve to address global climate issues approach.”

Climate change summit in the exhibition hall of the World Health Organization (WHO) organized and planned exhibition “Breathing: understanding the relationship between air pollution and climate change in art” (Breathe: understand the links between air pollution and climate change through art), and Paris city environmental concerns of various artistic activities are also fermented. In the climate change summit began a few days ago, from nearly 20 countries, more than 600 works of 80 artists to seize the multiple ad slots streets of Paris to express their attitude towards the summit itself, and environmental issues. Paris Art Alliance and Sustainable Development (Coalition for art and sustainable development, COAL) non-profit organizations and London Farber angle (Cape Farewell) Also during the summit on climate change started with ARTCOP21 project. ARTCOP21 Paris brings together the city’s many art projects related to environmental issues, exhibitions and lectures during the climate change summit and the like.

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