Understanding the Art

UnderstandingIn March and April is the twelfth edition of understanding art, free introductory course to art whose project started in 2013 in the Lazaro Galdiano Museum and has been widely accepted. It is aimed at unemployed under 30 trained in artistic professions (not a graduate course in Art History). It aims to directly improve the personal situation of these people through intellectual enrichment and acquisition of new skills, through direct contact with art, aesthetic experience and theoretical knowledge in the hands of professionals specializing in arts education, coordinated by one of conservative Leader Museo Amparo Lopez Redondo. Participants will be introduced on key painting, pictorial genres, classical iconography and sculpture in bronze, wood and stone, all in the unique setting of Lazarus Collection.

Understanding the Arts is a very popular course, which is why no requests of participants from previous editions are supported.


29 and 31 March
Keys to differentiate artistic styles

5th of April
The pictorial genres

April 7
Iconography in art (I): Classical

April 12th
Iconography in art (II): Christian

April 14th
Sculpture in stone and bronze

April 19th
Wood carving

April, the 21st
An architectural promenade

April 26
The arts of fire

28th of April
The Collector’s Cabinet

Unemployed under 30 trained in artistic professions. It is not a graduate course in Art History

From March 29 to April 28, from 11:30 to 13:30

Tel. 91 561 60 84 Ext. 111 and 202


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